Throughout last years we saw a focus on clean, minimal designs with flat colors and simple forms. Now we must look ahead to 2017, with hope for new shifting trends of tomorrow.

responsive web design minimalistic illustration

Responsive web design

It’s clear that mobile will dominate the world and may become the primary computer interface platform. Or is it already more popular? Statistics say so. For many people mobile phone is the only device they use to access the internet. It means that now responsive design is a must for all websites.


Cards are responsive, cards are organized and cards are easy for the user to read.

rich animations illustration

Rich animations

CSS3 gives us more tools for making different kinds of smooth animation. Animations are no longer the delightful surprises they once were — now, they’re a must have for modern user interface.

Brighter colors

Bold vibrant colors are becoming popular throughout last year and this trend will keep going for pretty long.

Big bold type

Big, bold type

Typography is a powerful visual tool, able to create personality, evoke emotion and set tone, and designers will make use of it.