Checking emails is time consuming, and sometimes – even brain consuming. Here’s how to fix it.

Archive or delete a message when you’re done with it

Being “done” with an email means addressing the task based on the email or scheduling that task.

Your primary inbox folder shouldn’t be treated as an archive for storing all the emails that you might need some time in the future. It’s only for the emails that you need to take action on, everything else should be deleted or archived.

Don’t use your inbox as a task manager

There are task managers for tasks and calendars for events, emails apps are not good for these.

Dedicate a specific time of the day to email processing

If possible, turn off email notifications and check emails only once or twice a day, so you can spend the rest of the time on actual work.

While processing emails, get rid of the junk first. If you think you will ever gonna need to refer to that email again in future, then archive it, otherwise – delete it.

Unsubscribe from newsletters that you don’t read

When there are too many emails in your inbox, it becomes an overwhelming task to go through each of them, but most of those emails are probably marketing emails trying to sell you something. Unsubscribe from them, or mark them as spam if they make it hard to unsubscribe, and your inbox becomes much cleaner.

Use labels

There are emails that are specific to a certain project or client, and in order to keep them organized, you can assign them labels and archive them, so next time you need to refer to one of those emails, you just filter them out using the corresponding label.

Use a separate address for junk emails or for logging in to websites

Sometimes you just need to register in websites that will send you a lot of spam, and may even share your email address with third parties. Besides, when someone wants to hack you bank account, he will probably try to hack your public email first and reset you bank password using it, so it’s better to have a separate secret email address for such things.

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